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No doubt about it, anxiety and Covid-19 seem to go together like two peas in a pod. Whether you were already battling anxiety before this pandemic began, worrying about keeping your family healthy, the economy, homeschooling and more can certainly trigger it. Recently, we spoke with Dawn Fable, founder of Press Pause—a natural CBD line formulated for Moms by Moms —as to how CBD can help during these trying times.

What are some ways CBD can be used during a time of stress?
Press Pause was initially created as a result of my personal struggle with generalized anxiety disorder as I found CBD to be life changing. (To read how Dawn’s own generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) lead to her launching Press Pause, click here.) We wanted to create a line for Moms, by Moms that catered to the things in life we are disproportionately impacted by—stress, tension, anxiety, lack of sleep! All of our formulations are developed with these things in mind and we’ve created a mission to give women the Permission to Press Pause and prioritize self-care.

What are your most popular products for combatting these common issues?
Our most popular product, the Press Pause tincture, is a comprehensive formulation to help with all of those things. Many Moms find it to be life changing for helping reduce anxiety, inflammation, improve sleep and really just take the edge off. For most, the tincture can last up to two to three months and gives the ability for women to dose up and down to find the right fit for their bodies. The same thing goes with our Press Pause capsules, just in a different form. Both of our Press Pause herbal teas are pretty wonderful too. We have a caffeinated Chai option as well as a florally Bloom decaf option. Each package has 10 tea bags with 10m of CBD a piece. Our tea is delicious and a wonderful ritualistic product to incorporate into your daily routine. My husband swears I yell at him less when I take my tea! Our topical line with our Press Pause Healing Balm and Muscle and Joint Cream is a wonderful complement to our other products. The healing balm tends to be celebrated for on the spot treatment, tension/stress headaches and for after post work out relief. Our Press Pause Muscle and Tension cream was formulated for my wonderful Mom who struggles with anxiety. This product is celebrated for pain relief. Many use it for larger pain point areas and our Moms’ love this product for their arthritis and  aches and pains. Our newest product the CBD Bath Bomb is pure heaven. There’s nothing like throwing one of those to a bath and melting our stress away or having five minutes to hide from our kids!

Sounds lovely! What do you find yourself using most often  lately?
Oh gosh, I’ve found myself to be pouring CBD over my entire life recently. I saw something recently online that said, “As a mom, I kinda thought self care would be more spa days and long walks—less hiding in the bathroom with my CBD.” Ha ha… so true and yet, here I am. Here we all are trying to alleviate the unusual amount of anxiety and stress we all feel. We’ve created the Press Pause product line to be complimentary of one another and very ritualistic in nature starting from your morning cup of tea, putting on our topicals throughout the day for headaches, sore shoulders after a workout and then using our tincture as a daily supplement for overall anxiety relief and a way to sleep better! Bath bombs are such a treat too and I’ve been finding myself escaping to the bathtub more frequently than normal.

For many of us, wrangling small children 24/7 can be exhausting and even painful. What do you recommend?
Interestingly, one of the biggest benefits of CBD is around around pain and inflammation. Whether you’re struggling with an Auto Immune that causes pain or pain or tension around an injury or our daily routines, many have found CBD to be incredibly beneficial! Our tincture and capsules we’ve found have the benefit of healing from within on any sort of internal inflammation where our topicals are great for on the spot relief.

If someone just needs to unwind and  quickly take a break, what’s the best product to try?
Our tea is a great starter to CBD. This product has 0 THC in it where our other products are full spectrum, meaning they have a trace amount of THC in them. (All within legal limits and with no psychoactive effects) For us Moms, it is absolutely safe when we need to be present with our children. The tincture is also a great option as it allows you to dose up or down dependent on what you’re comfortable with.

Why is self-care and “pressing pause” more crucial now than ever before?
For so many of us women, we struggle with anxiety and stress on a daily basis as it is. With the coronavirus and everything that comes with it, our anxiety is at an all-time high. I don’t know about you, but I find myself worrying more, not being able to fall asleep and my body is one big stress ball! We still have to be the ones who hold it all together. For many of us, we are still trying to work, figure out a home schooling routine and still be the glue that holds our families together- emotionally and as a household.  Our days are certainly longer and require a bit more patience. This is where Press Pause has been a life saver, for all of us!

You’re offering a wonderful discount of 30 percent off and free hopping with code LOCALMOMSNETWORK—why do this now?
Our mission in starting Press Pause was never for the financial benefits. We truly wanted to educate women around the healing benefits of CBD, stop the whispering and stigma around anxiety and created a quality product that women could trust in such an unregulated industry. We recognize that these trying times have created a level of financial uncertainty for many of us and we are cutting back on everything but the bare necessities. More now, than ever before, our mental health is suffering and we as Mom’s need to take care of ourselves and be there for our families. So many businesses including Press Pause are coming together to help the community and this is just our small part in trying to help alleviate some stress and anxiety for Moms.

This story is sponsored by Press Pause. To learn more or place an order, click here. Use code LOCALMOMSNETWORK for 30 percent off. 

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